FAQs on myCAMS

Convenience and ease to manage your MF portfolio! myCAMS offers a host of services to manage your mutual fund and other investments. Multiple Funds, One gateway! Create New Folio, Additional Purchase, Switch, Redemption and Systematic Transactions across all your funds. Register One Time Mandate with ease.

myCAMS is an innovative application that enables investors to create a single login user ID and transact across all Mutual Funds serviced by CAMS as Registrar. Our endeavour is to make myCAMS, the only stop you have to make for all your MF investment related services for the 19 participating MFs - from doing online transactions to checking valuation of your investments, to viewing a variety of statements, downloading service request forms… all in a few clicks.

Rich features and superior processing brings a one view of all your Mutual Fund investments and much more.

Portfolio Valuation of your investments:

  • Pie chart representation of consolidated investments by Fund-wise and by asset class
  • Cost Value, Market Value, Appreciation, Wtd Avg age days and Annualised XIRR
  • Fund-wise / Scheme-wise / Folio-wise drill down

Detailed account information:

  • Profile – Name, PAN, Date of Birth, Tax Status, KYC, Contact details
  • Folio details – Mode of Holding, Joint Holders, Guardian, Nominee, Bank mandate
  • SIP enquiry

Online Financial Transactions:

  • Create New Folio (both in existing Fund and New Fund)
  • Start MF investments either with KYC or Aadhaar based eKYC
  • Additional Purchase
  • Redemption
  • Switch
  • Registration of Systematic Transactions (SIP, STP, SWP)
  • Registration of One Time Mandate (OTM)

Recent Transactions and their status:

  • All Funds: Investors can view the recent 15 transactions across their Mutual Fund holdings
  • Mutual Fund-wise: Investors can view the fund-wise transactions done in last 3 transacted days.
  • Status of Systematic transactions - pending, completed, ceased, nest instalment and last executed


  • Consolidated Active Statements
  • Consolidated Account Statement – CAS
  • Consolidated Account Statement – All RTAs
  • Consolidated Portfolio Valuation
  • Capital Gain / Loss Statement
  • Consolidated Transaction details
  • Single Folio Account Statements
  • ELSS One View Statement
  • Pay-In & Pay-out Statement
  • CAN based Statement
  • Consolidated Grandfather Statement


  • Instant NAV
  • Historical NAV (last 90 NAV days)
  • Fund performance and returns

Customer Care:

  • For queries or complaints related to specific funds, investors can fill and submit the online form.

myCAMS mobile app is available for free download in Google Play store or iTunes app store. myCAMS mobile application is available free of cost.

myCAMS mobile application is currently compatible in handsets running with android OS (version 4.4 and above) or iOS 9.

myCAMS is secure and does not store any information on your device or SIM card. For your investments security reasons myCAMS insists for log out after usage and if improper logout, the next login is not possible for 15 minutes. Reasonable safety measures have been taken to protect the interest of all our investors. You may refer the Policies and T & C listed in www.camsonline.com as well as in myCAMS login.

Investor with tax status Resident Individual / HUF/ On Behalf of Minor / sole proprietorship / NRI with mode of holding as Single / Either or Survivor can transact in myCAMS.

  • New folio creation is facilitated only for Tax status- Resident Individuals/sole proprietorship/HUF.
  • NRI with NRO account type is allowed for additional purchase, Redemption, Switch and SIP.
  • NRI with NRE account type is allowed for Redemption and Switch.

All your MF investments serviced by CAMS automatically gets mapped to the portfolio provided you have the same email id registered across all your folios. If in case any of your MFs missing in the CAMS mailback statements or myCAMS login, please ensure that your email id is updated in all your MF investments.

You can transact using Net banking and UPI facilitated with list of banks that both participate in myCAMS online transaction and registered in your folio. You can also use the new Common Mandate payment facility in participating Mutual Funds

Time taken for allotment of units is same as in case of physical purchase transactions. Moreover, for purchase transaction the NAV will be allotted based on credit realization at the respective mutual fund scheme account.

After successful processing of your redemption transaction for applicable NAV, the redemption proceeds will be paid out to your existing bank account registered in the folio.

NO. Due to investor data security reasons, all Non-Financial Transactions are presently not offered in myCAMS. Investor need to submit a physical written request at the CAMS Investor Service Center or respective AMC Service Center for the same.

Transactions are facilitated only for all eligible Open-ended Schemes, Liquid Schemes and NFO schemes.

Request confirmation email will be sent to your registered email id and SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number.

YES. KYC is now mandatory for all class of investors irrespective of investment amount. Investors should ensure both PAN and KYC are updated in the folio.

All individual investors who are having PAN but are not KYC compliant as per latest KYC norms and hold Aadhaar, can now complete KYC process in just 3 simple steps using myCAMS Aadhaar based eKYC and set up a Mutual fund account instantly without having to submit forms and doing in-person verification (IPV).


  • 1) This will be treated as full KYC without any limit on the investment amount. Offline investments will also be permitted.
  • 2) eKYC is facilitates only for Resident Individual tax status.
  • You need to be KYC compliant for Mutual Fund transaction.
  • If you are not KYC compliant, you can complete KYC using Aadhaar based eKYC. You will need to upload your e-Aadhaar.
  • You are required to input opted scheme and payment details.
  • Netbanking facility need to be activated in your bank account to proceed with the payment.
  • You will need to upload an image of a signed and cancelled cheque with your name pre-printed in order to complete new folio opening.

No physical request is required for registration done through myCAMS.

Once the SIP is registered in myCAMS, system will generate a SRN. In order to ensure that your future installments under SIP are processed, you are requested to "Activate" SIP by the following process:

  • Login to your internet banking account and proceed to the bill pay section.
  • Select Mutual Fund name as the biller.
  • Register your future installments by providing your SIP Registration Number (SRN).
  • Enable Auto-Pay facility for the above registration, where provided by your bank. This would ensure your future installments are received in time.
  • Once the registration confirmation is received at our end, Auto debit will happen for the SIP installments. Please ensure the above registration in your internet banking account is completed 15 days before the due date of the next installment to avoid cancellation of your SIP.

Monthly installments for the tenure should be given for the same amount.

Units allotted will be equal to (Amount invested / Applicable NAV). The Applicable NAV is the NAV on the day, when the investment will be made. Thus, the units allotted will differ depending on the applicable NAV during different months. If the SIP date during a particular month is a holiday, units will be allotted at the applicable NAV on the subsequent working day.

Yes, Active SIP/STP/SWP transactions are allowed for cancellation under Systematic Transaction menu. SIP Pause option is also available.

Systematic transaction - Status:

  • Pending – You can track the transactions which are yet to start
  • Active – You can track all the ongoing transactions
  • Completed – You can track the transactions that have all instalments processed
  • Ceased – You can track the transactions which are Cancelled/Rejected
  • Paused – You can track the paused SIPs. (Not applicable for STP and SWP)

On execution of your instruction, you will receive a confirmation on the executed Systematic transactions with details of amount transacted, fund details and number of units.

CAMS "Common Mandate" is a one-time registration process where in the investor authorizes his banker to execute debits to his bank account up to a certain limit based on requests received from Computer Age Management Services Limited. For registration procedure, please refer the myCAMS User Guide.

On successful registration of the common mandate, same will be listed down as 'Mode of Payment' option while transacting in participating Mutual Funds.

Units held in DEMAT form are listed under My Investments menu and not allowed for transaction.

You may write to mycams@camsonline.com for any myCAMS registration and login related queries. In regards to any fund specific queries you may submit your query / complaints in the Customer Care Menu facilitated in your myCAMS user login.