Updation of PAN

As per existing PMLA guidelines & SEBI regulations and thereafter issued from time to time, SEBI registered intermediaries like Mutual Funds are mandated to carry out appropriate due diligence of the customers by collecting prescribed officially valid documents, in-person verification, photograph and so on. While PAN is mandatory for investments from a specific period of time, those investors who have not provided PAN or not completed the relevant KYC process are now requested to update their PAN and complete the KYC process. This facility is provided to such investors to update their PAN in their respective folios where PAN is not available or Invalid PAN is available in their Folio.

Before proceeding further, please keep the following documentary images

  • Fund Name + Folio No.
  • Self-attested PAN card copy images of First holder / all holders
  • In case of Minor Folio, PAN card copy of Guardian duly self-attested by Guardian should be made available for upload. For validation purpose, first holder Date of Birth or default Bank account number should be entered. 
  • In case of HUF Folio, PAN card copy of HUF duly self-attested by Karta with HUF seal should be made available for upload
  • In case of Non-Individual investors (i.e. other than Individuals, NRIs), PAN card copy of concerned Non-Individuals duly self-attested by concerned authorized signatories should be made available for upload
  • Image file type should be in .pdf/.tif/.tiff/.png/.jpg/.jpeg with maximum file size is 1MB

Note: Updation of PAN in such folios will be subject to required validations and signature matching with our records. Line of confirmation will be sent post successful updation of PAN in the respective Folios.